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Role of the Form Tutor


The Form Tutor is known as the Family tutor is also a mentor and champion for the children’s learning. (See below for explanation of mentoring.)

Family tutors will be the main link between home and school, and will be expected to contact parents directly when they have concerns over students in their group. Other than in exceptional circumstances, students will remain with the same form tutor during their time at the school. This will provide continuity for students and parents alike, and make it easier for good relationships to flourish between home and school.

Family tutors may sometimes invite parents into school to discuss aspects of a student’s progress – whether academic or behavioural. You should expect that form staff will regularly check the student planner, so you can use this as a convenient way of having two-way communications. Family tutors are responsible for ensuring that students in their form comply with all school rules, including uniform and conduct.

Family tutors have a key role in tracking student progress as outlined below:

The Family Tutor:

  • Mentors students’ academic progress with reference to regular analysis of target grades and interim reports
  • Identifes students who are underachieving  across subjects and activate intervention as required
  • Comments on students’ achievement, personality development and progress in the annual written reports
  • Provides diagnostic feedback for students on their academic progress and social and behavioural development
  • Maintains accurate and timely mentoring records
  • Communicates with parents on a regular basis to recognize success and/or highlight concerns.